A Beast’s Last

A Beast's LastTitle: A Beast's Last
Series: Beastly Love Trilogy #3
Published by: A. K. Dailey
Release Date: Forthcoming
Genre: ,

It’s now been three years since the death of Michael Hons, Ella’s grandfather and parent’s captor.
Life has been good for them and their friends in the Moonlit Ash Pack. Almost too good. Ella and Derek’s relationship has slowly recovered since the incident that went down with the CEO of Carba Corp Science Labs.

Ella’s parents are also recovering from fourteen years of captivity. Better than Ella herself expected. They are jumpier, wary and cautious than she remembered but that’s to be expected after what they’ve endured.

As for Derek and how he’s fairing, after being captured by Michael, Ella has seen him slowly withdrawing, as if he’s trying to hide something in hopes she’ll never find out.

It’s leaving her nervous and worried about his behavior. But that’s not the only thing she’s worried about. For the past three weeks, she’s been feeling nauseous and exhausted. Her mood swings are quickly switching, leaving her dizzy at how fast they change. She’s crying at the drop of a dime and she’s constantly starving she could eat a house.

If that’s not enough, another enemy is brewing in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike out at all the remaining Beast’s located in her pack and the ones that roam the earth.

Matt, Ella, Derek, and the others have to come up with a plan to stop their final foe, but this time Ella doesn’t have just herself to worry about, but also her unborn child’s as well. She just hopes they survive long enough for the little Beast to be born.

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