Upcoming giveaway for Trusted

Big Announcement! I’m starting a giveaway of a signed print copy and ebook. This is my first ever contemporary romance book of my upcoming novel, Trusted. The giveaway will begin just after it’s release. Check out the giveaway page to read about it and learn more.

Trusted for Pre-order

Hey, everyone. I figured I would announce it now and clue you in that I’m selling my contemporary romance novel, Trusted for pre-order. If you want a copy you should grab it fast. I’m only selling the first two thousand copies before it goes for sale. Grab your ebook pre-order fast before all 2,000 are Read more

Tools I use

Beginning Tools I’ve Used: I’ve tried many types of tools for my writing. Most online, some offline. It took four years for me to find that perfect writing structure and the tools to help with that structure before I found what I was looking for. At least, for now. I first started with OpenOffice. I’m Read more

Republishing Febeast and Man

I’m republishing the first book of the Beastly Love trilogy Coming June 23 – June 25 of 2018, I will be publishing Febeast and Man on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ITunes and perhaps Kobo depending on possible sales. The second book of the series will be announced in a couple of months or so. Stay Read more

Lauren Dane – The Brown Family – Coming Undone

Review: This book left me pretty satisfied. The romance between Elise and Brody was full, complimentary and realistic. The way it started was a little cliche but as the story went on it started to draw me in. Usually, I would like for my romances to have a bit more drama in them than a few Read more

Currently Reading

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Current Reads

Coming Undone: I’ve recently finished reading Lauren Dane’s second book in her Brown Family series. The book itself was a good read. It continued to keep me wanting to read more and see where the protagonist’s relationship lead. If you want to read my full review of the book. You can go to the reviews Read more

What’s Your Vote?

 What do you think of my site? I need an opinion from you guys (my viewers) to tell me what you think of my site or if it needs improving. Every bit of insight helps. I’ll really appreciate it and don’t worry, I won’t take any offense if it’s you’re honest about what you think. Read more

This is my official author website

Hi, everyone This is my official author website and will be my permanent domain for my platform. Come by anytime to check out the new site and let me know what you think. I also want to give out an update on my Beastly Love Trilogy. I am rewriting and republishing Febeast and Man while in the Read more

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